Winter_GirlCold weather means a dryer climate, and hiding out indoors for the majority of the day. When the furnace is running, it emits dry air, which can dry out the skin. Think about what your dryer does to your clothes after an hour! As soon as the temp drops, we're soon to notice our skin becoming dry and itchy, our lips getting chapped, and other adverse effects.

Here are several tips to incorporate into your routine to avoid dry skin and dehydration:

Keep a humidifier in your bedroom at night, and close to you during the day. Humidifiers aren't just for getting through a cold. When the outside temperature drops, so does the humidity in the air. Evian or other spray misters are great to keep in a handbag or briefcase. Bring a humidifier into your workplace, especially if you're sitting at a desk all day.

Drink 8 glass of water each day. It can be easy to forget to drink water throughout the day. But what you're doing is hydrating your body from the inside. Since 60% pf our body is made of water, it is critical to keep chugging it throughout the day. Eating foods with a high water content, like fruits and veggies, will also help keep your body hydrated.

Try not to take too hot of showers or baths. Lukewarm showers and baths are best. But if you can't handle it, try to take shorter showers and baths. If your skin turns red, it means that the water is too hot.

And while we're talking about showering, be sure to use a gentle cleanser, or a moisturizing body wash. After shower, apply moisturizer while skin is still slightly damp, to seal in the water.

Before heading outdoors into the cold, don't forget the gloves! The cold will dry out your hands quickly, and you can end up with rough cuticles and dry, itchy hands. If it gets really bad, invest in some cotton gloves, and apply moisturizer to your hands before bed, and follow with gloves for an overnight remedy.

Chapped lips are just part of winter. However, there are the obvious remedies. Apply lip balm before bed, and as needed. If your lips are peeling, mix honey with sugar, and rub onto lips to exfoliate away the dead skin. Follow with lip balm. My favorite? Kiehls!

Limit alcohol and salt intake. Especially throughout the holidays, it can be difficult to avoid rich, salty food, and delicious libations. When at holiday parties, skin the salty chips and dip for crudite, filling up on baby tomatoes and carrot sticks. Try to remember to drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.

Use a moisturizer, like DERMAGENICS, which contains safe and effective ingredients to hydrate the skin. DERMAGENICS moisturizers contain the best ingredients available to keep skin hydrated, soft, and supple. Sodium hyaluronate actually collects water from the air and deposits it onto your skin!